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The Best Browser Add-Ons For Security

Every Internet user knows that there are plenty of dangers online. However, technology develops rapidly and today there are plenty of quality tools to protect your browser and surf freely without any worries. Web browsers have included protection against online attackers, but their functionality is often limited. That is why it is important for you to use some extensions or add-ons to additionally shield your private data. Among the hundreds of different security add-ons the following are some we recommend for you to use and that have shown best results in data protection.

computer security with lock and key

Cookie AutoDelete

Cookie AutoDelete is a valuable extension that you will love. For those that do not know, cookies are small files that are locally stored in your computer. These cookies are used so you will be identified when going online. Every time you access a website for the first time you will be issued a cookie that will be remembered and the website will recognize you as user next time you visit that specific site. The bad news about cookies is that they are largely used for online user tracking. In case there is a data breach, your information may be compromised. With Cookie AutoDelete you will avoid such problems. This simple extension can be switched on and off whenever you want. It deletes all cookies automatically when you finish your browsing session. You can also create a white list where you will add web page exceptions. A pretty handy add-on to have and highly recommended.


NordVPN is a fantastic extension to have, which will change your IP address every time you go online. Virtual Private Networks are very popular today and for a pretty good reason. With virtual private networks your private information is always protected and kept safe. Your online presence is masked so you can visit any website without any restrictions or problems. With NordVPN as add-on you do not have to worry about privacy issues or geo-restrictions and you can safely and anonymously surf online. Both businesses and private individuals can benefit of such add-on, so install it and stay safe online. This is a paid add-on to have, but the investment is well worth it because your information will be always safe.

LastPass Manager

LastPass Manager circles the list of best browser security add-ons to have. It is very handy when it comes to creating and remembering strong, complex passwords and keeping them in an encrypted vault. With this add-on you do not have to write down or make up different passwords as it will do everything for you. You only need one Master password to access your vault and there will be stored all your passwords for different websites. The vault is encrypted with latest security standards and it cannot be decrypted or hacked. LastPass Manager can be used for free or you can upgrade it for an affordable fee. It is available and supports all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Android, MacOS, Linux and others.